Lou-Ann - Hotel & Tourism Photographer

I’m Lou-Ann, travel photographer. Introverted and passionate about travel, I express myself through visuals. It’s during my adventures that I discovered photography, which is what drives me today.


I now work with tourism professionals in the development of their business through photography. I highlight your hotels, restaurants and tourist places by creating pictures that spark emotion in your potential customers.

The blossoming of my artistic fiber

If I had to define myself in 3 words? Creativity, observation and kindness.


Since I was very young, music has been the rhythm of my life.


In addition to going to school, I did my scales at the conservatory. My ambition at that time was to become a musician. However, my introverted side led me rather behind the scenes. I turned to audio techniques. 



In order to keep the right tempo of my learning bulimia, I decided to pursue a double degree in audiovisual and psychology. After graduation, I got a job as a sound technician. Little by little, I specialized in audiovisual maintenance. But the downside is that I didn’t fit in.



I am 22 years old and I am bored with this routine. A dream I had since I was 7 years old came back to me like a boomerang… It’s decided, I take a one-way ticket to Australia, alone.

The journey as a path to my activity as a photographer

I’ve been driving around the Land of Oz in my converted car for two wonderful years. To soak up the atmosphere, I worked in restaurants, hotels and farms. The menu was full of great encounters, fulfillment and a metamorphosis of my whole being.


Experiencing all this has truly changed my life. As I have met inspiring people along the way, my horizons have expanded. I learned from experience and began to dare to dream bigger. And above all, the discovery of new landscapes, cultures and emotions that I touch through travel has become essential. This is what I try to share through my photos.


The next step in my adventure will take me to Vietnam, in early 2020, where I will try to reconnect with the audiovisual industry. I complete my skills with training in video and motion design. The epidemic of covid-19 pushes me to return to France. My room becomes a small studio where I have fun editing my mop shots. I found my new passion: photo editing.

My self-taught learning for photo retouching

In fact, I have always loved photography, without really daring to make it my profession. This break in 2020 allowed me to focus on what I really wanted for my future. I take up the challenge I set myself and I become good at photo retouching.


July 2020. Life goes on. I was hired by the Rhône department as a photographer and videographer for 6 months. As soon as it was possible, my suitcase took me to Portugal. I got a job as a post-production assistant for a photographer specialized in advertising in Lisbon. Passion confirmed, I stay there for a few months.


The next step took place in Poland in one of the best retouching studios in Europe. I do the big difference by shaping images of advertising, e-commerce products and portraits of huge movie stars. I am learning new techniques. When I show my professional entourage the work done on my travel photos, they are admiring. I get a motivational boost.

My small business as a tourism photographer

All these experiences have led me to this evidence. I like to capture a moment, in a place, and restore its soul thanks to creative retouching. So why not combine travel, photography and digital art?

June 2022, I imagine my own project. It’s time to put my taste for the unknown and challenges to the test. I can say it, that’s it: I’m a travel photographer. 

Are you looking for a tourism photographer?

Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and tourist offices, I work with you to make your visibility shine. 

I have at heart to transmit your history, your identity, and your values. Together, let’s share your magic through photography!

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